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Meeting Norms & Agenda

Below, you'll find meeting norms (ground rules for how we will collaborate) and agenda for our virtual meeting on Wednesday, July 29th, 7-9pm to discuss "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?"

Meeting Norms

Process Norms:

  • We will respect everyone’s time by starting and ending on time.

  • Only one conversation at one time. Refrain from side-talk.

  • Be present with the people you are meeting with. Put away phones and other devices during the meeting.

  • Take bio breaks as needed. (Good for long meetings.)

  • Everyone is responsible for helping to stay on topic. Speak up if you feel like we’re getting off track.

  • Address conflict head on.

  • Everyone is responsible for upholding the norms. Acknowledge if you notice we are not doing so.

Communication Norms:

  • Ask questions for clarification to help avoid making assumptions.

  • Make sure everyone's voice is heard.

  • Balance your participation - speak and listen.

  • Listen actively to teammates without interrupting others.

  • Clarify when you are advocating vs offering an idea.

  • Say it now, in the room. Avoid waiting till later to raise an issue.

  • All voices count. All opinions are valid, but offer reasoning behind your thinking. 

Virtual Meeting Norms:

  • Do not multitask (do other work) during the meeting.

  • Use the mute button at your site to prevent the transmission of background noise.

  • Speak up to get attention if you have something to say.

  • Turn on your video whenever possible.

  • Follow an organized line up to ensure each person has a chance to respond.



If we were meeting in-person, I'd have a table of cookies and coffee.  Grab a snack, a beverage of your choice and get comfortable.

6:45pm: Waiting Room Opens

7:00pm: Meeting begins, 2-4 discussion questions (time-permitting)

7:30pm: 5 minute break 7:35pm: 2-4 discussion questions (time-permitting)

8:00pm: 10 minute break

8:10pm: 2-4 discussion questions (time-permitting)

8:30pm: 5 minute break

8:35pm: Open discussion

8:55pm: Wrap-up

9:00pm: Meeting close

Registration for the book club will close on Tuesday, July 28th. For meeting details, please register for the virtual book club.

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