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Let's get police reform legislation passed in Maryland.

Recent events all around the country have demonstrated there is an urgent need for legislation that promotes police accountability and transparency.


We cannot begin to effectuate change until police officers are held accountable for racist and reckless acts of violence.

Needed Legislation

Here in Maryland we need legislation 


  1. That makes it illegal for police officers to use neck restraints during arrests.  

  2. Allows civilian access to police officers use of force complaints, disciplinary records and body worn camera footage

  3. Independent Review Board consisting of majority members with no law enforcement affiliation.

  4. Harsh criminal penalties for in custody deaths where unreasonable deadly force is used.


& Transparency

Why do we need legislation for Police Accountability?

  1. Since 2010 there have been 130 in custody deaths here in Maryland, 81 percent of those killed were black.

  2. There is a I in 1000 black men can expect to be killed by police.

  3. Police officers were criminally charged in less than 5% of the incidents.

How you can help.

How can we you help get legislation enacted?


Write to Chairwoman Atterbeary, 

Commission to Restore Trust in Policing Workgroup.

Write your representative to let them know you support immediate legislative reform promoting police transparency and accountability.


Find your local representative in Maryland. 


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